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Epic battle E vs F, G vs Vets

Battle of the Four Armies at Rhiwbina Hill fought 9 March 2018 AD tonight at 7:20

The E team Elves (currently teetering at the summit of Div I) take on the F-team orcs of Mount Gadabout in what promises to be a particularly sanguineous internecine affair. Will the Hill Man vanquish Paulus Antonius, can Hassan the Assassin defeat the will of Brad's Haw. Can Shorn's henchmen face down Marcus Loaded's seemingly unstoppable hoards or will they turn sheepish. All will be revealed on the battlegrounds of court 3/4.

Meanwhile, a separate gladiatorial display can be viewed from the heights of court 1/2 where the G-men encounter the Double Diamond Dwarves. See diminutive Scotty fight Alex the axeman, can Bev match Andy the ferret wrestler for power or will he get a duffing, will Graham outwit the wily Steve (no milk today) Jones, will Ant make a hash of Els argh and will Samuel slay double D the dog whisperer. Get an arena-side seat for the action. Them as dies'll be the lucky ones.

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Please take a couple of moments to check for new and upcoming events on the EVENTS page whenever you log in. This page is new and will be continually updated with activities directly related to our members. RP

Wednesday Afternoon Club

The WAC welcomes players of all standards and ages. Informal sessions run every Wednesday afternoon 2:40 to 4 pm. Just come along and join in when you can. There is no need to sign up but it helps with court bookings if you can let Ray know in advance if you will be attending ☺ - email [email protected]

Rhiwbina C vs Rhiwbina D: Armageddon Part 1 7 Feb 2018

Division 1 East, South Wales

Somewhat weakened by injury the D team fought in vain to hold off a strong C side who now stand 4th in the division while the D team struggle at the bottom of the table.

Paul Atkinson 🔥 Jon Davies 3-0 (15/8 15/8 15/9)
Alex Powles 🔥 Tony Smith 3-1 (13/15 15/13 15/12 15/13)
Gareth Pitt 🔥 Tim Dulson 3-0 (15/13 15/1 15/3)
Chris Powell 🔥 Owen Heyes 3-2 (15/11 12/15 4/15 15/8 15/12)
Huw Moores 🔥 Bronte Wright 3-1 (11/15 15/10 15/10 15/13)

Rhiwbina B vs A, Armageddon Part 2, 8 Feb 2018

The first crunch match between the two top teams in a while saw a great tussle take place in front of a very good crowd, Thanks to all who turned up, had a beer and cheered on the B team in the hope of an upset. Some cracking squash ensued.

First up for the B's was Private D Godfrey whose relentless squash downed young Canaan (called up to the A-team) who fought bravely but was “doomed” due to Dave’s incessant length. Bright future for the youngster ahead though. 3-1 to the Bs.

At #4 old dog 1 Murphy held off Ollie Griffiths who covered every board on the floor and needed fire proof asbestos socks such was the temperature on the bottom of his soles!! Well done Ol - unbelievable retrieving going down. 3-1 to the As.

Next up was old dog 2 Mr Fenner–Evans who was no match for young James Peach who pushed the veteran around like he was on a bungee cord. However, the Welsh masters international kept going and is still an asset to any side in the league. 3-0 to the As.

Captain A Team Crowley then showed Mr Kilshaw the reverse angle boast so many times that Simon nearly ended up on court 2. Simon gallantly ran and ran until that Stella seemed to appear in his mind and he thought it was time to sample a few. Another 3 love to the As.

The B team was missing both Mr Dews and Captain Davies, so Fraser was promoted to premier position where he valiantly matched World #55 Creed in every department except speed, length, range of shots and accuracy while covering more surface area than a living room carpet. Excellent retrieving and endeavor from Fraze; his game continues to grow. Pete hit 3 drop volleys to finish the match and show they were no flukes; each shot was no more than 2mm above the tin. He'll need to be accurate improve his world rankings. 3 love again.

Curry and a few beers to finish topped off by Creed senior bringing the customary fresh French stick loaf real buttered bread. Lush. A rare treat for the B team boys. Great night and well done to all. On to the rematch where the killer B's hope to improve on this 4-1 drubbing! RM/RP

Armageddon - Match of the Year - A vs B or C vs D?

Tonight Wednesday 7th Feb at 7:20 sees a titanic struggle between the D and C teams. Jon D, Tony S, Tim D, Owen H, Mark D and Bronte have all played for the D's but they are weakened by injury; will they beat the C team (Paul A, Gareth P, Huw M, Rich W, Robin P, Ryan T, Alex P) and overtake them in the league? Come along tonight and enjoy the spectacle.

Meanwhile, on Thursday the 8th we are in for another dire struggle with two Rhiwbina teams languishing at the bottom of division 1. This is a fight for survival. Will the A side be able to pull Peter Creed in from Sweden to bolster James Peach, Richard Murphy, Matthew C and Dave G (recently returned from serious leg injury)? The B have strength in depth with Frazer, Simon Dews, Ian F-E, Simon K, Ollie G, Canaan B and DD but can they match the class of the A side? Current standings in the South Wales league:

Pos  Div 1                    Games   Points

1     Abergavenny A           4            69

2     St Mellons A              4            59

3     David Lloyd Cardiff A  4            58

4     Llanelli A                   4            44

5     Newport B                 4            36

6     Newport A                 4            34

7     Rhiwbina A                4            32

8     Rhiwbina B                4            27


       Div 1 East                  

1     Newport Vet's               5          74
2     Llanishen A                   4          67
3     Cardiff University A        4          62
4     Cardiff B                       5          62
5     Rhiwbina C                    4          44
6     Abergavenny B              4          35
7     The Vale                       4          35
8      Rhiwbina D                   4          25

Internal Teams February

Congratulations to Richard Wright on organizing another epic intra-club team event. Richard has been running these on an (almost) monthly basis on Saturday afternoons and they have all been great fun.  Usually everyone gets to play 3 matches against players of a similar standard. The intent is to give aspiring players exposure to important aspects of team matches including marking while supporting and applauding some enthusiastic (and occasionally skilful) games. 

Richard has been doing a great job, often with the assistance of the rest of his family: Judy, Bronte and Scott. He has also been organising group and individual coaching to help players improve.

This month we had 4 teams of 4 with Steve Cann filling in at the last minute - thanks Steve:

Archers Ray Proudlock; Karl Hall; Alan Cosslett;  Dena Pitrola
Braves Steve Cann; Nick Treharne; Helga Moore; Judy Wright
Cavaliers Ollie Cann; Richard Lewis; Ryan Randall; Mel Proudlock (supplier of sausage rolls)
Devils Jake Smith; Jan Hutyra; Richard X, Cheryl Creed

The overall winners were decided only by the final heroic clash between Jake and Steve with Jake pulling out all the stops to lose while winning two games to ensure first place for the (Cardiff?) Devils with 24 points. All the other teams finished with 22 points, so a real battle to the end.

The standard and age ranges of the players is very wide so, if you are interested in the next event, please ask Richard to add you to his mailing list then come along and play/support. The tense final showdown:

Tense final showdown

Ladies Match vs Cardiff Medics

We had a fantastic, fun, ladies match-filled afternoon this Saturday 27th January at the club.

In late 2017 we were contacted by a group of enthusiastic, but relatively new to the sport, (young) ladies players from Cardiff Medics. This was prompted by a mention during the South Glamorgan representatives meeting back in September that we had plenty of lady players keen to play more, but sadly no active ladies leagues any longer.  It took a while to organise and agree on a mutually convenient date, but we got there in the end.  Having asked round all our non-team lady players we finished with a squad of 7 able to make the weekend. Our plan was to have Kate Gibson, Helga Moore, Mel Proudlock, Liz Monckton, Judy Wright, Rhian Thomas and Dena Pitrola take on the might of the Cardiff Medics Ladies – Louise, Gemma, Sarah, Eve, Cat, Jess and Milly.

Everything was set for a 12pm start but of course these things never run smoothly. Our first hiccup was a late cancellation by poor Kate Gibson feeling unwell (not last minute nerves was it Kate?), and a second was an unexpected no-show from Rhian. Where were you Rhian? We missed you! Luckily, though Becky Baker was only there to support, she had brought her kit, as had Bronte, who was there to support her Mum (in an unusual role reversal); so Becky and Bronte were able to fill in for the missing players.   The third hiccup was a little misreading on the start time, which meant I was panicking, when at 12.15 there was no sign of the opposition, who finally turned up for a 12.30 start. Doh! Hiccups put aside, we set the ranking orders and kicked everything off, with first to 11 best of 3 matches.

Once started, everything flowed brilliantly, with some entertaining and fun matches.


We swapped opponents round 3 times in all with the two squads of seven, to play 21 matches altogether. In the end our ladies proved just too canny for the youth of the Cardiff Medics, running out 18-3 winners in matches.

Special thanks to Jason Foster for helping with explaining refereeing to a couple of the ladies and to Ray Proudlock for his refereeing help and organisational support to keep things running smoothly.

Really was a fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. So much so that everyone was keen for a re-match on Cardiff Medics courts, date to be arranged. Well done everyone for talking part.


Skittles Night 2017

The annual Rhiwbina Squash Christmas skittles and curry night took place on Saturday 16th December, once again at The Croft public house in Roath.
Landlord Steve Walters, a stalwart (grumpy bastard!) of the club, once again ensured that the venue was in top order, repeatedly brushing the skittle alley for all the top skittlers on display. The bar staff were once again in excellent form.

With over 50 members in attendance it was a great night of skittles, with eight teams battling it out for top spot, based on the club squash teams.

The E team came out on top ,with individuals Kingsley Rees, Dave Dean and Pete Kerry having a roll off for top spot and a free meal for two at The Croft.

Thanks to the “putter uppers “ who ensured the skittles flowed smoothly.
Special mention for chef Lorraine who again produced a variety of curries and accompaniments which were top quality. Great value for £5!

There were some interesting Christmas jumpers on show and headgear.
Thanks to everyone who attended and especially those who assisted in selling tickets.
See you next year-keep practising!