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Rhiwbina C vs Rhiwbina D: Armageddon Part 1 7 Feb 2018

Division 1 East, South Wales

Somewhat weakened by injury the D team fought in vain to hold off a strong C side who now stand 4th in the division while the D team struggle at the bottom of the table.

Paul Atkinson 🔥 Jon Davies 3-0 (15/8 15/8 15/9)
Alex Powles 🔥 Tony Smith 3-1 (13/15 15/13 15/12 15/13)
Gareth Pitt 🔥 Tim Dulson 3-0 (15/13 15/1 15/3)
Chris Powell 🔥 Owen Heyes 3-2 (15/11 12/15 4/15 15/8 15/12)
Huw Moores 🔥 Bronte Wright 3-1 (11/15 15/10 15/10 15/13)

Rhiwbina B vs A, Armageddon Part 2, 8 Feb 2018

The first crunch match between the two top teams in a while saw a great tussle take place in front of a very good crowd, Thanks to all who turned up, had a beer and cheered on the B team in the hope of an upset. Some cracking squash ensued.

First up for the B's was Private D Godfrey whose relentless squash downed young Canaan (called up to the A-team) who fought bravely but was “doomed” due to Dave’s incessant length. Bright future for the youngster ahead though. 3-1 to the Bs.

At #4 old dog 1 Murphy held off Ollie Griffiths who covered every board on the floor and needed fire proof asbestos socks such was the temperature on the bottom of his soles!! Well done Ol - unbelievable retrieving going down. 3-1 to the As.

Next up was old dog 2 Mr Fenner–Evans who was no match for young James Peach who pushed the veteran around like he was on a bungee cord. However, the Welsh masters international kept going and is still an asset to any side in the league. 3-0 to the As.

Captain A Team Crowley then showed Mr Kilshaw the reverse angle boast so many times that Simon nearly ended up on court 2. Simon gallantly ran and ran until that Stella seemed to appear in his mind and he thought it was time to sample a few. Another 3 love to the As.

The B team was missing both Mr Dews and Captain Davies, so Fraser was promoted to premier position where he valiantly matched World #55 Creed in every department except speed, length, range of shots and accuracy while covering more surface area than a living room carpet. Excellent retrieving and endeavor from Fraze; his game continues to grow. Pete hit 3 drop volleys to finish the match and show they were no flukes; each shot was no more than 2mm above the tin. He'll need to be accurate improve his world rankings. 3 love again.

Curry and a few beers to finish topped off by Creed senior bringing the customary fresh French stick loaf real buttered bread. Lush. A rare treat for the B team boys. Great night and well done to all. On to the rematch where the killer B's hope to improve on this 4-1 drubbing! RM/RP