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Start of the season

First matches of the 2018 Winter season

Despite loosing the first match of the season 3-2, the F-troop put up a great display at Old Pens. Beccy beat John Birch-Hirst 3-2 who was ranked 12 places above her, while Dean Robinson also prevailed in the battle of the sexes. Commiserations to Paul, Hassan and Sarah.

Meanwhile, a good crowd saw the first team whitewash Newport A 5-0 while conceding only 2 games. To players looking to improve their technique, see Peter demonstrating how to get some power into the forehand drive while the Newport No. 1 Isaac looks on bemused. Congratulations to the new A-team captain Frazer at 4 and new player Tesni Evans. Other winners were James Peach at 2, Ian-Fenner Evans at 5. Perhaps Ollie will be able to join the team in a few years.

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