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Epic battle E vs F, G vs Vets

Battle of the Four Armies at Rhiwbina Hill fought 9 March 2018 AD tonight at 7:20

The E team Elves (currently teetering at the summit of Div I) take on the F-team orcs of Mount Gadabout in what promises to be a particularly sanguineous internecine affair. Will the Hill Man vanquish Paulus Antonius, can Hassan the Assassin defeat the will of Brad's Haw. Can Shorn's henchmen face down Marcus Loaded's seemingly unstoppable hoards or will they turn sheepish. All will be revealed on the battlegrounds of court 3/4.

Meanwhile, a separate gladiatorial display can be viewed from the heights of court 1/2 where the G-men encounter the Double Diamond Dwarves. See diminutive Scotty fight Alex the axeman, can Bev match Andy the ferret wrestler for power or will he get a duffing, will Graham outwit the wily Steve (no milk today) Jones, will Ant make a hash of Els argh and will Samuel slay double D the dog whisperer. Get an arena-side seat for the action. Them as dies'll be the lucky ones.

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