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Ladies Match vs Cardiff Medics

We had a fantastic, fun, ladies match-filled afternoon this Saturday 27th January at the club.

In late 2017 we were contacted by a group of enthusiastic, but relatively new to the sport, (young) ladies players from Cardiff Medics. This was prompted by a mention during the South Glamorgan representatives meeting back in September that we had plenty of lady players keen to play more, but sadly no active ladies leagues any longer.  It took a while to organise and agree on a mutually convenient date, but we got there in the end.  Having asked round all our non-team lady players we finished with a squad of 7 able to make the weekend. Our plan was to have Kate Gibson, Helga Moore, Mel Proudlock, Liz Monckton, Judy Wright, Rhian Thomas and Dena Pitrola take on the might of the Cardiff Medics Ladies – Louise, Gemma, Sarah, Eve, Cat, Jess and Milly.

Everything was set for a 12pm start but of course these things never run smoothly. Our first hiccup was a late cancellation by poor Kate Gibson feeling unwell (not last minute nerves was it Kate?), and a second was an unexpected no-show from Rhian. Where were you Rhian? We missed you! Luckily, though Becky Baker was only there to support, she had brought her kit, as had Bronte, who was there to support her Mum (in an unusual role reversal); so Becky and Bronte were able to fill in for the missing players.   The third hiccup was a little misreading on the start time, which meant I was panicking, when at 12.15 there was no sign of the opposition, who finally turned up for a 12.30 start. Doh! Hiccups put aside, we set the ranking orders and kicked everything off, with first to 11 best of 3 matches.

Once started, everything flowed brilliantly, with some entertaining and fun matches.


We swapped opponents round 3 times in all with the two squads of seven, to play 21 matches altogether. In the end our ladies proved just too canny for the youth of the Cardiff Medics, running out 18-3 winners in matches.

Special thanks to Jason Foster for helping with explaining refereeing to a couple of the ladies and to Ray Proudlock for his refereeing help and organisational support to keep things running smoothly.

Really was a fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. So much so that everyone was keen for a re-match on Cardiff Medics courts, date to be arranged. Well done everyone for talking part.


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