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Armageddon - Match of the Year - A vs B or C vs D?

Tonight Wednesday 7th Feb at 7:20 sees a titanic struggle between the D and C teams. Jon D, Tony S, Tim D, Owen H, Mark D and Bronte have all played for the D's but they are weakened by injury; will they beat the C team (Paul A, Gareth P, Huw M, Rich W, Robin P, Ryan T, Alex P) and overtake them in the league? Come along tonight and enjoy the spectacle.

Meanwhile, on Thursday the 8th we are in for another dire struggle with two Rhiwbina teams languishing at the bottom of division 1. This is a fight for survival. Will the A side be able to pull Peter Creed in from Sweden to bolster James Peach, Richard Murphy, Matthew C and Dave G (recently returned from serious leg injury)? The B have strength in depth with Frazer, Simon Dews, Ian F-E, Simon K, Ollie G, Canaan B and DD but can they match the class of the A side? Current standings in the South Wales league:

Pos  Div 1                    Games   Points

1     Abergavenny A           4            69

2     St Mellons A              4            59

3     David Lloyd Cardiff A  4            58

4     Llanelli A                   4            44

5     Newport B                 4            36

6     Newport A                 4            34

7     Rhiwbina A                4            32

8     Rhiwbina B                4            27


       Div 1 East                  

1     Newport Vet's               5          74
2     Llanishen A                   4          67
3     Cardiff University A        4          62
4     Cardiff B                       5          62
5     Rhiwbina C                    4          44
6     Abergavenny B              4          35
7     The Vale                       4          35
8      Rhiwbina D                   4          25

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