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Internal Teams February

Congratulations to Richard Wright on organizing another epic intra-club team event. Richard has been running these on an (almost) monthly basis on Saturday afternoons and they have all been great fun.  Usually everyone gets to play 3 matches against players of a similar standard. The intent is to give aspiring players exposure to important aspects of team matches including marking while supporting and applauding some enthusiastic (and occasionally skilful) games. 

Richard has been doing a great job, often with the assistance of the rest of his family: Judy, Bronte and Scott. He has also been organising group and individual coaching to help players improve.

This month we had 4 teams of 4 with Steve Cann filling in at the last minute - thanks Steve:

Archers Ray Proudlock; Karl Hall; Alan Cosslett;  Dena Pitrola
Braves Steve Cann; Nick Treharne; Helga Moore; Judy Wright
Cavaliers Ollie Cann; Richard Lewis; Ryan Randall; Mel Proudlock (supplier of sausage rolls)
Devils Jake Smith; Jan Hutyra; Richard X, Cheryl Creed

The overall winners were decided only by the final heroic clash between Jake and Steve with Jake pulling out all the stops to lose while winning two games to ensure first place for the (Cardiff?) Devils with 24 points. All the other teams finished with 22 points, so a real battle to the end.

The standard and age ranges of the players is very wide so, if you are interested in the next event, please ask Richard to add you to his mailing list then come along and play/support. The tense final showdown:

Tense final showdown

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