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Internal Teams Event No 1

This is a new and exciting (well I think so anyway) programme to provide an opportunity for some of our junior, beginner, novice and more “well-seasoned” but non-team players with the experience of playing a competitive team based event.

With the usual last minute withdrawals and even later, last stroke before midnight signings (David Lewis!), the scene was set for the afternoon of Saturday 23rd September with 16 players all ready and willing to do battle with each other (and the referees) for the first time in a team or competitive event for most of them. Players and helpers all pictured here below:


With 16 players we adopted a 4 teams of 4 format. Each match was marked and refereed by two players (one from each team) so that everyone could learn a little about marking and refereeing as well, under the watchful eyes of Dave Rees, Richard Wright, Ray Proudlock all providing support and guidance when needed. We had the following teams and players:





Aelig Robin
David Lewis
Ray Proudlock
Chris Braithwaite
Ollie Cann
John Cooper
Helga Moore
Nick Treharne
Jake Smith
Iwan Steele
Chris Summers
Jamie McCansh
Ryan Randall
Mauro Caresimo
Mel Proudlock

 Bronte and Scott Wright kindly offered to step in as “Guests” to make up the numbers to an even 16 for alternate matches.

We started promptly at 1.20pm, and soon moved proceedings to spread across all 4 courts for the heart of the afternoon. There were some fantastic matches played out and all in great spirit.

It was fascinating to see the frustrations experienced when the players were confronted with referees decisions that, as ever, clearly had no resemblance to what our players believed was happening on court (ring any bells Nick? J) and amazing to see the extra effort put in once the competitive juices kicked in with everyone. Some of the matches of the day had to be young Ollie Cann (watch out A team) losing a tense and marathon 4 game match to John Cooper 17-15 in the 4th, Iwan Steele (the incredible running and diving man) battling to lose a close 3-2 against an incredulous (did he really get all those balls back?) Chris Summers. And finally Jake Smith bamboozling Nick Treharne with serves millimetres above the service line to win a tense 3-1.

The team winners of the day, in what turned out to be very closely and evenly contested matches were the Chieftains, who all justifiably celebrated in style in the bar afterwards. Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who turned up to play, help out, bring players and support for making a brilliant and fun day all round. Good stuff. We will be doing this again, by unanimous demand. See you soon!

Richard Wright


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