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C Team End of Season Report

C Team 2016/17 Season report – South Wales Division Two Champions (Spring 2017)

Winter 2016 saw the team finish 5th with 167 points. Although this was the same placing as spring 2016, the dial was moving up, as then the Cs had garnered only 148 points. This improvement was primarily down to the signing of new member Alex Powles on a NHS transfer from Bristol at number one, which pushed everyone else down and made them more competitive.

Spring 2017 was to prove highly successful, as the team won its first match and retained top spot from gun to tape to become South Wales Division Two East champions.

The Christmas transfer window was unusually busy as the top of the order was substantially bolstered by the addition of David Rees-Godfrey (rehabilitation period after 6 months out injured before his move back up to the A / B teams), and Paul 'the Eagle' Atkinson following the ‘controversial’ end of his B team contract - Paul having joined the club in September 2016. Meanwhile, Dave Rhys moved to strengthen the D team to join son Joe – also on the comeback trail; whilst captain, Jon Bould, had to make do with refereeing duties due to injury.

So, the contribution of the new boys was seriously outstanding, whilst some of the older stagers – Paul Hounsell, Huw Moores and Chris Powell - were pretty good too; alongside Ryan Tyler, who epitomised selfless commitment to the cause by playing 27 out of 28 matches during 2016/17.

A mention and thanks also to the following players from the D and E teams ,who stood in when the Cs were short and contributed to the spring title push – Tom Barnett, Jon Davies, Tim Dulson,  and Joe Rhys-Curtis.

Members of the C team will collect their trophies when they are among those representing the club at the Squash Wales Presentation Dinner on 30 June. In the meantime, player profiles follow.


Dave Rees-Godfrey-successful return from injury and 2017 club championship runner-up (P5 W4-80%)

Paul Atkinson-highly successful debut season for the club (P11 W9-82%)

Alex Powles-rapid leftie; also impressed in his first season (P21 W13-62%)

Huw Moores-bamboozles opponents and won the 2017 club Over 50's title (P15 W10-67%)

Ryan Tyler-as in 2015-16, most appearances and Mr Reliable (P27 W8-30%)

Paul Hounsell-continues to defy and gained second Wales Over 55's cap in 2017 (P20 W15-75%)

Chris Powell-highest win ratio and unbeaten in Spring 2017 (P17 W16-94%)

Jon Bould-work to do....(P8 W3-38%)

Dave Rhys-still believes that he can beat son, Joe...(P7 W2-29%)

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