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G Team First Half Report

The G team started off this season in new territory following last season’s promotion from South Glam 3 up to South Glam 2. We did pretty well this season as well, considering that we were against tougher opponents, and managed to finish in 4th place behind Rhiwbina F.

The G team also started up regular team training sessions, which were helped out massively by Squash Vet Bob Perry (thanks), and we aim to continue these in the Spring season.

Special thanks are also due to Richard (the squash whisperer) Wright-the winner of the G Team supporter of the Season award-for all of his help and advice throughout this season. The “pull your finger out”, and “stop hitting it back to him” approach came in very handy.

We look forward to this new season with a hint of optimism; and hope to do some damage.


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