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Skittles Night 25 November 2016

A great night was had by all courtesy of a curry and skittles night at The Crofts Pub. Steve Walters and all the staff put on an evening of great fun and looked after all the members brilliantly.

The roll off provided much drama with skittles and balls flying everywhere and not always straight down the alley. Dark horse Caroline Fenwick coming out on top of the pile after the initial “practice” round.

Onto the curry and this was a huge hit with everyone and was welcome particularly in order to soak up any early consumed excess alcohol which was quickly gripping the contestants at the back end of the first roll.

Back then to the sharp end with a money roll off and the alcohol seemed to kick in again with A team player Theo being knocked out almost immediately. It was lucky the gutters were there otherwise the ball would have ended up in the street! Tim Dulson showed his class as every time he came to the “oche” he seemed to have only 1 pin to hit. Usually he dispatched this though with nonchalant ease again until the strong pint of Directors fooled his vision. Well done though Tim. Mrs Vincent nearly knocked the chairman out twice with a lucky rub of the ball on a thinning head. The Gibson clan provided much entertainment with Karen again coming good and proving wine is no barrier to excellence. Meg Davies (pictured right below) took all the money and bowled straight and true unlike a dog’s hind leg like the rest of us.

Great speech to finish by Tony thanking Steve and staff for a great night as always. Thanks to Bob Perry for facilitating the evening with the poster and tickets sales.


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