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Robert Upton

Robert Upton


Mob: 07760 761938

I have been a member of the club and a team player since 1983. I have been Treasurer of the Squash Section since December 2011 and Treasurer of the Rhiwbina Recreation Club since January 2013. During the last few years I have helped to develop plans and funding for our 4th court, which is a fantastic facility for our members. The club’s finances are currently in great shape, with both membership and court usage on the increase.

My role is:

(1) To prepare and maintain all of the accounting records of the section

(2) To prepare, and present to the committee for their consideration, an annual budget

(3) To control the club’s banking arrangements

(4) To prepare an annual profit and loss account and balance sheet for the AGM

(5) To manage the online booking system

(6) To act as primary contact for all new club members and to help to integrate them into the club

(7)To maintain the online database of members

(8)To collect, and reconcile, all annual membership subscriptions

(9) To maintain and update the club website

Please keep feeding your views to me on any matters relating to the section, financial or otherwise. 

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