Martin Vicary

Martin Vicary

Website Editor

Mob: 07961859106

I have a minor role on the Committee as "Website Editor". The standard updates are easy. However I would like to expand the news and social media updates side of things. So if any member has any news eg engagements, weddings, births, I won a million on the Lottery or whatever then let me know.

Having joined the club in 2000 this is my third stint on the Committee. 

I first started playing in the early 1970's at the Maindy squash courts. You have to be of a certain age to remember the joys of playing at Maindy.

I joined Cardiff High School Old Boys squash club in the mid 1970's as I was already playing rugby at the Old Boys. Some of you will remember playing club matches on just one court as the rugby section "acquired" our 2nd court for a gym in the early 1990's. This resulted in a mass migration of players from CHSOB to Rhiwbina some of whom are still playing. Our very own Robert Upton being one of them.

I have had the privilege of captaining two or three teams over the years. The teams have been in the lower divisions and whilst winning is always good having a beer after the match was always very enjoyable.


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